Types of Attraction


In general there are four main types of attraction.

  • Sexual Attraction – The desire to bump uglies with someone.
  • Romantic Attraction – The desire to marry someone (not for tax benefits)
  • Sensual Attraction – The desire to cuddle someone so close the both of you become a single entity
  • Aesthetic Attraction – Thinking someone’s pretty.

Of the four, sexual and aesthetic are the most well known, even if the second’s name isn’t as well known. The first because, our culture of sex and the fact that it’s in everything from our media to our music. The second because most people know when they look at someone pretty without the desire to bump uglies with them, even if they don’t know the name of it.

The last two, romantic and sensual attraction are far less well known. Many people don’t think about romantic attraction at a giving time because generally people’s romantic orientation falls in line with their sexual orientation, and so they don’t have to really think about it. Finally sensual attraction is (in my opinion) the most under appreciated form of attraction, because people often lump it under the purview of sexual attraction instead of accepting cuddles and the desire to touch as being non-sexual desires.


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