Invisibility Cloaks


While many aro/ace individuals do joke about how our flags act as our invisibility cloaks, the jokes bring asexual and aromantic erasure to the center-stage. Both the lack of knowledge and the common responses to people coming out as asexual (you just haven’t found the right person yet) or aromantic (your just to busy for romance right now you just have to wait) both show how fundamentally blind people can be with regards to both asexuality and aromanticism.

What fun.

Unfortunatly, even within queer circles erasure can still be a problem, from “I don’t be leave asexuality/aromanticism exists”  which erases both orientations as wholes to the smaller but no less terrible “If your cic/het then your not queer” with the implication that even though ace/aro individuals exist they can have there queerness erased.

Even funner.

While It’ll likely be years before ace/aro erasure becomes less of a problem, for the moment the best we can do is educate and inform (and ignore exclusionist assholes. But that’s a different comic)


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